TV tower

With 292,80 meters , Nuremberg TV tower also known as ‘’Nuremberg Egg’’ is the third highest TV tower in Germany and is visible from every corner of the city.

TV tower in Nuremberg

TV tower in Nuremberg


The planning of the stream point between Müchen and Frankfurt began back in 1971 and the construction began in 1977. With a building speed of 7 meter per week, the tower was ready and given to the service in 1980. The tower was equipped with a lift for 35 persons, view platform, café and a restaurant.


What happened to the restaurant?

With big expectations was opened the turning restaurant for 170 guests. Prices were higher than usual in the city, but all its features including a lift driving 7 meters per second and astonishing views of the city could not cover extremely high fixed costs of 32 000 Marks every single month. 1990 the last restaurant keeper left the tower and since then it remains empty.


TV Tower today

From time to time there are new business plans for the restaurant, but not even one was ever realized due high fixed costs (today about 90 000 € monthly).