First aid, dentists and pharmacies in Nuremberg

Pharmacies – Apotheken

All of us sometimes need to get some medicine and if you need even just headache tablet, you will need to go to the pharmacy. And forget about asking for a tablet in the hotel or in a restaurant. They are not allowed to give you any medicament. On the link bellow you find an official Nurmberg website with a search tool. Yet it’s in german, but easy to understand what comes where.

Link to the search tool >>

In ‘’was’’ window select ‘’Notdienstsuche’’.
“PLZ“ is a postal code – here comes ‘’90403’’
‘’umkreis’’ means radius – 5 km’s should be enough
‘’Wann’’ – When?

Telephone numbers

  • Police 110
  • Rescue (for any case) 112
  • health care 116,117


On the link bellow you find a search tool that is very easy to operate. In to the window type 90403 – a postal code of Nuremberg. Click on ‘’Suche starten’’ to find opened dentist ordinations.

Link to the search tool >>

Klinikum Nürnberg

The biggest hospital in city is Klinikum Nürnberg. They do speak English and have a special telephone number for English speaking patients:

website >>