Messe – Nuremberg Trade Fairs

Nürnberg Messe – Nuremberg Trade Fairs is one of twenty biggest expo complexes of the world. Yearly about 170 various trade fairs are being held and they attract about 30 000 exhibitors and about 1,4 million visitors. Nürnberg Messe is amazing piece of modern, purpose-built architecture.

Messe – Nuremberg Trade Fairs

Messe – Nuremberg Trade Fairs


Where to find Nuremberg Trade Fairs


NürnbergMesse GmbH


90471 Nürnberg

Nuremberg Trade Fairs are located in the east of Nuremberg, just next to Arena Nürnberg Versicherung.


How to get there

The easiest way is UBahn U1 toward ‘’Langwasser Süd’’. Leave the train on ‘’Messe’’ station to find yourself just steps away.

Alternatively you will get there with SBahn S2 toward ‘’Altdorf’’. Leave the train on ‘’Frankenstadium’’ station and follow signs. Nuremberg Trade Fairs you will find behind Arena Nürnberger Versicherung, which is visible already from the station, so you can not miss.


If you are going to get to Nuremberg Trade Fairs by car, just follow ‘’Messe’’ on every road sign in order to get there. Just notify that morning or evening hours are, like every else, rush hours.