Strassenbahn – trams in Nuremberg

Tram is a good and comfortable way to move in the city. Unlike many Europe cities, Nuremberg doesn’t have tram lines direct in the old city centre. Operating daily between a few minutes before 5 a.m. and short before 1 a.m.

A total length of 36 km’s on five following lines:


4 Gibitzenhof – Landgrabenstraße – Hallertor – Friedrich-Ebert-Platz – Thon

5 Tiergarten – Mögeldorf – Marientunnel – Hauptbahnhof

6 Doku-Zentrum – Dutzendteich – Schweiggerstraße – Christuskirche – Landgrabenstraße – Hallertor – Westfriedhof

8 Worzeldorfer Straße – Frankenstraße – Christuskirche – Schweiggerstraße – Hauptbahnhof – Rathenauplatz – Erlenstegen

9 Doku-Zentrum – Wodanstraße – Schweiggerstraße – Hauptbahnhof – Rathenauplatz – Friedrich-Ebert-Platz – Thon


Bit of history

The first line was opened on August 25th, 1881 between Nuremberg and its neighbor city Fürth. 1903 overtakes the city the whole company and extends the length from 50 to 127 km’s and up to 454 vehicles and tram lines have become to be one part on the daily city life. In 1921, because of massive inflation, one single-way ticket cost 150 billion Marks! With 1984 began slow closing of many tram lines, which were removed with UBahn. Rests of closed tram lines are still visible in the streets of Nuremberg, because many rails were not moved away.