If you stay and move just within Nuremberg, you will probably not use SBahn. However, to reach more distanced points you will need to know how.

SBahn is a network servicing the whole region of Nuremberg, Erlangen, Schwabach and Fürth. The difference between SBahn and other public transport systems in Nuremberg is that the SBahn is operated by Deutsche Bahn, tickets from the others are still accepted. Current lines are about 229 km’s long on four following lines daily between about 5 a.m. and 0:30 a.m.

S1 Bamberg - Erlangen - Fürth - Nürnberg - Lauf (li Pegn) - Hersbruck (liPegn) - Hartmannshof

S2 Roth - Schwabach - Nürnberg - Feucht - Altdorf

S3 Nürnberg - Feucht - Neumarkt (Oberpf)

S4 Nürnberg - Roßtal - Heilsbronn - Wicklesgreuth - Ansbach

Tickets are to purchase on every platform. More to the theme of tickets and controls you find